Loyalty and Enabling

3 thoughts on “Loyalty and Enabling

  1. I enjoyed your blog and you provided so really good points. I would ask do you apply this same logic to a marriage? While I agree that we must spend the time to correct our spouse would it not be better to show a united front in public then address the mistakes made in private? I would elaborate more but it suchs typing on a phone

    1. Thank you, Tyrone. Im trying to understand your question. Though I believe the situation I present could be applied to almost any variation of relationships between people, I find it would be hard to ostracize a spouse. I believe couples turn to friends for validation and insight (our rather, outsight) and that is fine so long as its done healthily. I also believe that it is possible for a couple to publicly disagree and maintain a unified front; they are still two individual people.

  2. It’s different that you have this discussion in reference to choosing sides. Therein being respectful is the best course. As for your last point that’s very true that we need self reflection and have to sometimes be told to do this

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